Sophie Turton

Head of Content, Bozboz

Sophie Turton is head of content at creative agency, Bozboz. She spends her days experimenting with communication strategies to form engaging digital journeys and is extremely passionate about the English language.

At Bozboz, Sophie drives the content offering across marketing, web and branding and manages a team of seven creatives and marketers. Prior to her career in digital, Sophie worked as a business columnist for Shanghai Daily. She is a published writer, public speaker and lover of whimsy.

My Sessions

Sophie Turton: “Clever copy can make you money”

What’s this about? PPC.   Session details: During this talk, you’ll discover how to use the psychology of language to directly impact the success of your PPC campaigns. Clever language speaks to the why, it hooks audiences through emotion rather than logic and takes them on a journey of discovery – improving conversion rates and […]