Advanced PPC Workshop

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Google AdWords is changing so frequently that unless you are working in it day in day out, it is near on impossible to keep up. There’s so much you could learn about AdWords, but often we’re too busy delivering work to find the time to discover.

This session will walk you through some of the newest and most interesting aspects of paid search advertising. Prior to the course, you will be sent a survey to find out more about the level of your knowledge and this will also give you the opportunity to request sessions to be included within the course material.

In short, we will aim to cover:

Developing your PPC Strategy

Translating business objectives into measurable goals

AdWords vs Analytics Data; what are the differences

Attribution: analysing conversion paths

Bidding strategies

Keyword research


Bing Ads Intelligence

Landing page best practice


Optimising AdWords campaign structure

Strategies to improve campaign targeting

Using AdWords extensions to improve campaign performance

Quality Score tracking, improving and reporting

AdWords Report Builder


Remarketing and Dynamic Adverts

Countdown Ads

Remarketing Strategies for Search (RLSA)

Customer Match

Similar Audiences

Demographics for Search Ads (DFSA)


Bing Ads Session

Account management features

Account troubleshooting features

Account optimisation features


This course is designed for people who have knowledge of running PPC campaigns or those who have been doing it a couple of years or those who perhaps haven’t worked in paid search for a few years and are looking to update and refresh their knowledge.

Although it covers some of the more advanced topics it’s not intended for people who have been working in paid search for donkey’s years. That being said – if you are already advanced, this course would still help you keep up with new techniques, interact with other PPC’s, problem solve, and get a fresh take on best practice.

There’s so much you could learn about AdWords and pay-per-click advertising, but often we’re too busy delivering work to find the time to discover.


What You Will Need

Depending on the size of the group, there will be some interactive sessions where you are working and reviewing one of your own AdWords campaigns. Therefore you will need to bring a laptop with access to an AdWords account.

There should also be time at the end for live Q&A and PPC Clinics so come loaded with questions that you want answers to.



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Samantha Noble is the Founder of Biddable Moments, an agency dedicated to Paid Media and audience development helping clients increase their revenues through PPC. She recently won the UK Search Personality Award at the UK Search Awards and was also rated one of the top 25 in PPC Heros ‘Most Influential PPC Experts’ list in 2016. Back in 2011, Samantha also founded the Digital Females group which now has in excess of 750 members and has held 16 events to date.



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