Search Elite London 2017

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The first of our Elite series of conferences, Search Elite London 2017 was a huge success. A single track event designed to give attendees a more intimate setting, we received some fantastic comments on the speakers, the content and the venue. We thought we’d give you an insight into what happened on the day right here.

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 “Without doubt one the best events I’ve attended in the SEO industry so far! Search Elite turned out to be exactly what was promised – for non-beginners, looking to learn the best by learning from the best – and so much more!”

Chole Bodard, Senior SEO Manager, Rice Media


“One of the best day conferences I’ve ever attended. Speakers at the perfect level for both understanding and getting the creative ideas flowing. Absolutely brilliant job and can’t wait for Conversion Elite & next years Search Elite again.”

Chris Simmance, Director, Optus Digital


“Great event! I found Search Elite much more precise and detailed than large conferences I regularly attend. At Search Elite I was able to ask presenters in real time and the discussion at the end provided me with valuable information I would not obtain at regular conferences.”

Jiri Kubes, Director, Alukov


“I attended the first Search Elite in May 2017 and was blown away by how much value I took away for not only myself but to pass on to the wider agency. Many conferences in the digital industry can fall into the track of being too generalist and top level, but all the talks at Search Elite were in depth, to a high level of knowledge and covered  directly actionable SEO specifics. The last few events I’ve attended I’ve taken two bullet points of notes if I’m lucky – at Search Elite I took 8 pages!”

Daniel Callis, SEO Consultant, Strategiq



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“How to make Digital Marketing work in your organisation. A case study revealing a unique approach to marketing!”

Bas van den Beld, Online Marketing Strategist


“Automate or Die”

David Iwanow, Director of Strategy at BlueGlass


“Using Paid Media Insights to Uncover Who Your Audience Really Are”

Sam Noble, Koozai


“Which Channels Are More Likely to Convert Your Browsers into Buyers”

Russell McAthy, CEO at Cubed


“Unlocking Performance – Beyond AMP”

Jono Alderson, Principle Consultant at Distilled


“Turbo-Charged SEO – When You’ve Done It All This Comes Next”

Judith Lewis, Founder deCabbit Consultancy


“Using and Abusing GTM, WordPress and Other Tools to ‘Hack’ SEO onto Enterprise Sites”

Gerry White, Analytics and SEO Consultant


“Don’t Waste Money Buying Traffic”

CEO, Spades Media